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Hello exclusivemc'rs!

I have never been as hyped as now to tell you that we will be releasing prison season 1 in the next week.
As for now, we say that the official date of release is Sunday 1st of April (no joke), but the server might open up earlier.

Here is some new stuff:

  • Mines change blocks.
Mines now have a chance of changing blocks (example: coal ore could change into coal block)

  • Balance and Deathbans
Balance and deathbans are now added to the game. A deathban, only triggered in pvp, will last 1 hour.
Balancebans, triggered by having one or more negative balances, last 2 hours. You will get a notice of having a negative balance every 30 seconds, so you won't forget to mine and get your balance up before you log off.

  • Crafting shop
As crafting using a bench or your inventory is disabled, we introduce the Crafting shop. You get recourses by mining blocks which you can use to buy and make blocks.
  • Building packs
You can buy special packs with blocks to decorate your cell in the creditsshop. Remember, credits are always free. You can earn them by posting or being active on the forums.
  • New tool layout
Tools, weapons and arnor now have a much clearer lore.

  • Enchanting, toolpower and Soulbinding.
You all waited so long for this!
Custom enchants are finally here. You gain power by using your tools. (Currently only works on pickaxes.)
When the bar on the lore is full, your tool gets 1 efficiency enchant more. You can also get custom enchants from the Smith.
Soulbinding Is also new. Using this will cause enchanted...

Get free


Massive boost on release
First one to get new goodies
Rare kits
Supply packs
And many more!!



You can enter by posting #WIN in this thread.

You may only participate once.
The winner will be selected using random number generator by Google and will go with the # post in this thread. So you are the 5th person to post #win, and the generator says 5, you win.

For more information, contact me on discord.
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