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NEW may /ec, Cancia release, Hub updates, custom enchants and more!

Discussion in 'News and Annoucements' started by Swimmy543 (Brian), Apr 28, 2018.

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  1. Swimmy543 (Brian)

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    Nov 28, 2017
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    NEW may /ec, Cancia release, Hub updates, custom enchants and more!
    Hello exclusivemc'ers!

    New month, New content. Read below about all things we updated, improved and released.
    This month is very important because we discovered a new planet! Introducing you to Prison Cancia!
    of course we also released our new /ec! make sure to buy it on the store to get this months goodies!

    • Prison cancia release
    Finally, we released our new planet, Prison cancia! This prison includes a few amazing new features! The most important is that this map is a Open-air map. This means that there is a large playfield with a few builds to explore. The mines are now all spread over the map which makes it easier to get better blocks when you reach enough XP.

    • Hub updates
    within the Hub updates, we introduce a new map, 2FA systems, portals and a complete recode of the Authsystem.
    • 2 FA:
    You can use 2FA to protect your account. The only things you need to do is download a app, activate /2fa, and secure your account! You can only use /2fa in hubs.
    • Custom enchants
    We introduce some of the most powerful enchants on prison: Custom enchants! These give you amazing powers that you cant get with normal tier items. You can buy custom enchants from our store (Credits) or buy them im game using XPlevels!

    • XPlevels
    Warning! XP Levels have nothing to do with your /xp balance. The XPlevel balance is the vanilla XP system. (Green bar above your hotbar.) You will be able to trade these for money!
    • Cells Update
    The Prison cells have been updated, But what??!! The doors are gone??!! Yep. The doors have been removed due to cells now being raidable. You can raid any cell you want! But be careful! As soon as the guards catch you raiding a cell, They will attack you!
    • Doors
    You can now purchase doors at the cellkeeper. There are tiers of doors.
    The higher the tier of the door, the longer it will take to break it.

    • Cell Guards This feature is currently only available for players with a Beta pass in a different server.
    Cell Guards will protect your cells, Whenever someone attempts to try your cell, They will attack!

    • Cell Tiers
    Cells have now been separated!
    The higher the tier of your cell, the larger and the expensiver it is!
    Prices are still per day.
    • Guards, Enforcers and wardens
    These are NPC's that will attack you when you commit an criminal offence in the prison. (Pvping a guard, pvping players, raiding cells)

    And loads of new stuff. Make sure to join the server to see them all yourself.

    :mc_54-0: Exclusive Crates:

    And of course we cannot release a content update without releasing a new /ec. But, there are 2 ec's Brian! That's right! Because we are celebrating the summer, we released a extra /ec. You can claim it from may the 1st. (Purchase it first)

    Enjoy playing!

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