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Important Server Rules

Discussion in 'Rules and useful info' started by ExclusiveMC management, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. ExclusiveMC management

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    Aug 5, 2017
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    Community Rules

    By logging in to the server or using any service of ExclusiveMC, you automatically agree with these Rules.
    Punishments may be given if the rules are broken.
    1. General

    By logging in, you automatically agree with our Rules.
    Staffmembers may punish you. If you do not agree with the punishment, you should always create an appeal.
    Don't contact the staffmember who punished you. The appeal will be handled a random person from the staffteam.

    You are not allowed to have any illegal clients/mods running while logging into the server.
    (P: Perm_Ban)

    You will respect staffmembers and other players while playing
    (P: 7d_Mute)

    You are not allowed to have more then 1 account from the same IP address. Failing will cause IPBAN.
    (P: Perm_IPban)

    Advertising other services then exclusivemc on exclusivemc serivices is forbidden.
    (P: Perm_IPban)
    2. Chat

    Sending links that are not related to ExclusiveMC Services, is not allowed and will cause permanent mute.
    (P: Perm_Mute)

    Racism, Sexism, discrimination, harrasement, threats or other Offensive Content is not accepted in any form. (Swearing included)
    (P: 1Mo_Mute)

    Threatning with DDoS or Dox attacks is strictly forbidden.
    (P: Perm_IPban)

    Death threats (Kys, Kms etc) are taken strictly forbidden.
    (P: Perm_mute)
    3. Gameplay

    Scamming is allowed. Be aware!

    Bugs/glitches should always be reported using the tickets system. Failing will cause your account to be banned
    (P: 7d_Ban)

    Accounts with Inapropriate skins, usernames or capes will get permanently suspended till you changed the item you were banned for.
    (P: Perm_Ban)
    4. Other

    Appealing and reports can only be done using the site. We will not respond to any reports/appeals in the discord or on other services.

    You might get banned by a High management staffmember. They can ban you even for rules not listed here. For more information regarding your ban, contact them on discord.

    Keep your appeal code secret.

    Have fun playing ;)
    If you have any questions about rules or other subjects, feel free to create a ticket using the ticketsystem.

    These rules may be edited on any time without any notice. Please make sure you are updated to decrease the chance of getting blacklisted.

    Version 1.6
    Credit to @Kiki2401, @Johanmans10
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